Accounting Smart, LLC  is an audit and accounting services consulting firm.  Armed with real world experience and a dedicated focus on quality and value, our professionals help companies understand, define, and manage their business risks.

At Accounting Smart, our goal is to:

  • Enable our clients to meet their objectives by providing knowledgeable and experienced audit and accounting resources.

  • Provide a premium service that focuses on quality while remaining cost effective.

Our Commitment

We are not a staffing company nor do we operate like one.  We will not assign consultants to your engagement that are not uniquely qualified to perform at a level that meets or exceeds your expectations.  In fact, we will not accept an assignment unless we are confident that we can provide the results you expect.

Having spent time on both sides, Industry and Consulting, we can help bridge the gap between what you expect and what you get.

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"We can help bridge the gap between what you expect and what you get."